is an intense professional Haunted Attraction with horrifying scenes, themes, special effects, lighting, scents and extreme horror.

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Oblivion 2013: “The Gathering”. We have packed up and moved to Green Bay, WI and are now located at

Voted Wisconsin’s Best haunted house by MadeYaScream.com – Oblivion is the most intense, chaotic, gruesome and in-your-face haunted attraction that Wisconsin has to offer.

Be prepared for the most inhuman assault on your fears and personal space possible in a haunted attraction.

Oblivion 2013: “The Gathering” brings you TWO haunts, PLUS admission to Terror on the Fox’s main event!

The Main Attraction

Just a normal everyday house on the outside, but it’s what’s hidden on the inside that will make you wonder exactly what is inside those cargo trains next time you’re stopped at the train tracks. Not everyone is ripe for the picking. Those that are, however, are held until orders come in. Packed up, shipped out, hidden in the back compartments. To think, they have only welcomed you into their house just to better size you up and you completely went along with it. Your fate rests in their hands.


As you sink further into the Halls of Bedlam, you will encounter the most brutal display of human torture, carnage and absolute chaos. Within this sadistic underground world you will encounter all new inconceivable clowns, intense gore, special effects and the run-for-your-life vortex of horror. A true extreme overdose of macabre and terror.

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You asked and we delivered! Presenting Wisconsin’s first ever “choose your path” haunted house. Over 6 doors to choose from. Over 6 possible DIFFERENT terrifying experiences. All in total DARKNESS! Oh! And did we mention The Sisters are lurking within this dark domain?!